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Social Economic Research and Survey, Development Programme Monitoring and Evaluation, Economic Impact Assessments, Data Capture and Analysis and Business Consulting
About Underhill Corporate Solutions
Underhill Investment Holdings CC, trading as Underhill Corporate Solutions (UCS) is a Socio-economic research and business consulting company based in Southern Africa.
Inspired Solutions for World-Wide Impact!
To be the key global solution provider in research-based decision and policy making.
To impact the world, positively, through our inspired research-based solutions.
The UCS culture is encapsulated in two words: Excellence and Diligence!


As a team, we are diligent. We use all the information at our disposal in crafting credible solutions and recommendations for our clients. “We don’t give clients what they want. We give them what they need. Our clients deserve the absolute best” (Dr Eddie Mahembe, CEO).


As a team, we are in pursuit of Excellence and Perfection. We believe that “if it can be done by someone else in any part of the world, we can also do it. The only difference is that we can do it better” (Dr Eddie Mahembe, CEO).
We are a PURPOSE-DRIVEN organisation. Our Purpose is to help our clients develop policies, strategies, and solutions which are based on objective research. We aim to convert data into meaningful information for decision markers. We help policy makers understand the impact of their actions or investments. As your partner, UCS will help eliminate guesswork in policy and decision making.
To us, development is about the people! Our value system is summarised as follows:
• Excellence
• Perfection
• Diligence
• Competence
• Honesty
• Accuracy
• Ubuntu

An expert team:

Our team has extensive specialist experience, skills, and knowledge of developing (emerging) countries in general and more particularly, Southern African (SADC) countries.

Value adding methods, models, and tools:

We offer a blend of innovative socio-economic research and consulting services. We believe in tailoring appropriate solutions to meet our client’s specific needs.

Experience and knowledge:

We have comprehensive methodology based on experience in similar projects executed elsewhere in the world, with particular emphasis on Southern African countries.

Our approach:

Our approach is not prescriptive but is developed to align with the specific requirements of the client. We are proactive in liaising with the stakeholders to achieve effective communication.

Value for money and affordability:

We understand the complexity of the market we operate in, and the unique assignments and their various risks. Our fees are market related, which reflects the level of experience and extent of involvement required as well as the importance of the project to our firm.
UCS is a small business (SMME) with level 1 B-BBEE status
Underhill Investment Holdings CC (UIH), trading as Underhill Corporate Solutions (UCS) holds shares in the following companies

  • Datacapture-SA
  • UCS Chemicals (Pty) Ltd
  • UCS Education and Training Services
  • Some of the main tools we use are:
  • Eviews, Stata, SAS, CSPro, and SPSS (socio-economic modeling and analysis)
  • Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) (economy wide socio-economic modeling)
  • Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) (regional and economy wide modeling and impact analysis)
  • Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) (international trade modeling)
  • Head Office Address:

    28 Brecher Street, Clydesdale,
    Sunnyside, Pretoria,
    South Africa


    +27 12 751 3237

    +27 60 532 8754

    +27 81 013 9223 or +27 83 757 3733

    +27 86 639 8976 or +27 86 540 7052