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Research and Surveys (SERS)

Our SERS unit is responsible for
socio-economic assessment and
impact studies. The impact analysis
can quantify direct,

Economic impact assessment
Econometric modeling
Feasibility studies
Sectoral studies

Regional, economy and industry
wide impact studies
Socio-economic research
Sector Skills Plans (SSPs)

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Development Programme Monitoring
and Evaluations (M&E)

The M & E Unit mainly caters for
governments, NGOs, CBOs, and
other development oriented

Statistical analysis and predictive
software: SPSS (Statistical analysis
and predictive software:,

Business analytics and Business
intelligenceSAS (Business analytics
and Business intelligence
software: )

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Economic Impact Assessment &
Econometric Analysis (EIA)

UCS is a specialist in the economic and
socio-economic impact assessments
and econometric analysis. Investors, private
and public sector institutions want to ...

Socio-economic modeling and
analysisEviews, Stata, SAS, CSPro,
and SPSS (socio-economic
modeling and analysis)

Input-Output ModelInput-Output
Model (for industry wide impact
modeling)Social Accounting
MatrixSocial Accounting Matrix (SAM)

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Data Capturing Center

Social Economic Research and Survey,
Development Programme Monitoring
and Evaluation, Economic Impact
Assessments, Data Capture

Census and Survey Processing
System (CSPro); as our data
capturing and verification

Predictive Analytics Software (PASW)]
for data cleaning and analysis.
The DCC team is well versed with a
number of statistical and econometric

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Business & Institutional
Development (BID)

The BID Unit’s core business is to assist
the public sector, NGOs and the private
corporates to conceive and deliver
solutions that can help them meet

Business Advisory
- Corporate Finance
- Business and Institutional Diagnostics
- Model and Business Revaluations

Financial Advisory
- Corporate Finance
- Credit Skills Training
- Credit Skills Assessment

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Regional Development, Trade &
Investment Promotion (RDTIP)

Several studies at both national and
regional level have been conducted,
and empirical evidence shows that
trade, foreign direct investment (FDI)

Socio-economic modeling and analysis
Eviews, Strata, SAS, SPSS (Socio-economic
modeling and analysis) Industry wide
impact modeling Input-output

Economy wide socio-economic modeling
Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) (economy
wide socio-economic modeling)
Regional and economy wide modelling

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Education and Training Services

UCS Education and Training Services
(UCSETS), a wholly owned subsidiary
of UCS, is a market leader in Education,
Training and Skills Development in
Southern Africa.

Quality Council for Trades &
Occupations (QCTO)
Banking Sector Education &
Training Authority (BANKSETA)
Education, Training and Development

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Underhill Corporate Solutions (UCS)
Underhill Investment Holdings CC, trading as Underhill Corporate Solutions (UCS) is a socio-economic research and business consulting company based in Southern Africa with a global vision.
UCS offers expertise in Socio-Economic Research and Surveys (SERS); Development Programme Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E); Economic Impact & Econometric Analysis (EIA); Data Capturing and Analysis (DCA); Business and Institutional Development (BID); Regional Development, Trade and Investment Promotion (RDTIP) and Education and Training Services (UCSETS).
UCS’ Main Products & Services
Socio-Economic Research and Surveys (SERS)
Development Programme Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E)
Economic Impact Assessment & Econometric Analysis (EIA)
Data Capturing and Analysis Center (DCAC)
Business & Institutional Development (BID)
Education and Training Services (UCSETS)
Client Testimonials
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Head Office Address:

28 Brecher Street, Clydesdale,
Sunnyside, Pretoria,
South Africa


+27 12 751 3237

+27 60 532 8754

+27 81 013 9223 or +27 83 757 3733

+27 86 639 8976 or +27 86 540 7052