Introducing UCS Education and Training Services (UCSETS)

1. Introduction

Underhill Corporate Solutions Education and Training Services (UCSETS) mainly referred to as UCS Education and Training Services is a subsidiary of Underhill Investment Holdings CC an established corporate solutions provider. UCSETS is a market leading organisation in skills development, skills transfer and skills audit with a vision to provide innovative solutions in education and training by offering relevant skills which accelerate employability, productivity and socio-economic development.

The mission is to design and deliver skills programmes that have significant impact on participants or learners, employers, industries and ultimately nations where UCSETS operates.

Accreditation: UCSETS is accredited by The Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA) and the International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) and is finalizing accreditation with The Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDPSETA) and Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

2. UCSETS Products and Services

2.1. Skills development and skills transfer

UCSETS offers training in the following qualifications, learnerships and single unit standard courses. The courses are accredited by BANK SETA, ICDL and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

BANK SETA Further Education and Training Certificate: Banking
National Certificate: Banking
National Certificate: Micro Finance
National Certificate: Financial Markets and Instruments
National Certificate: Generic Management
i. Customer Management (Banking)
ii. General Management (Banking)
iii. Skills development management (Banking)
iv. Strategic management (Banking)
UCSETS provides other unit standard BANKSETA and SAQA accredited courses.




Packages for professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, potable skills, tertiary students and young coders (12-16 year old children)

Basic, standard and advanced courses including:

-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Digital marketing, Web editing, image editing, IT Security, Presentations, Outlook, Computing, etc.




Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Project Management Fundamentals
Professional Report Writing
Effective Minute Taking
Emotional Intelligence in Management and Leadership
Conflict Management and Resolution.

For all above qualifications, courses and more, UCSETS is accredited to facilitate or provide certification to competent learners. Certificates of competency or completion are given to learners who complete and pass their assessments. UCSETS gives remedial lessons and retesting where required.

 2.2. Skills Audit

UCSETS conducts skills audit upon request by organizations and institutions to determine the level of competency in their teams. This enables targeted training on areas of weakness or for addressing improvement areas and setting capacity building goals. However, individual learners are also free to personally engage UCSETS for an audit of their skills.

3. Our benefits

3.1. Teaching methodology

For effective skills development, UCSETS employs innovative approaches to training including off-the-job training for professionals which entails doing the training somewhere other than at work, interactive training approaches such as the buzz groups (interactive teams), role playing, the whip (listening learning) and assimilations. These off-traditional methods make learning exciting and less tense. Online classes and e-learning lessons are also available for learners to take up.

3.2. The team and infrastructure

UCSETS prides itself on having a team of experts with robust knowledge in their fields of facilitation, assessment or moderation. Facilitators, assessors and moderators are accredited with relevant SETAs. We have a highly qualified and effective team of staff members. Learners are guided through enrollment, registration, induction, classes and testing phases by a friendly team from UCSETS.

3.3. Partnerships and Value addition

UCSETS has forged work partnerships with Pendula Group, PMI, Train the Nation and OCTOPAS which allow the organizations to assist and learn from each other for continues improvement. We are also in partnership with our accrediting bodies for instance ICDL and BANKSETA. UCSETS then offers training programmes in an innovative way to either begin or advance the learner’s career. It is the combination of various relevant courses, combination of the right information that creates a valuable knowledge base.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion UCSETS offers affordable but high-quality skills programmes for career advancements to the unemployed, the employed, and the semi skilled across gender classifications including both the young people and the adults. We also provide awareness trainings as requested by clients for an example, digital security, road safety to name a few. Our clients range from companies, government departments, NGOs and civil society organizations, schools as well as individual learners.

Author: This blog article was produced by Suela Nyathi, a Skills and Business Development Manager at UCS Education and Training Services (UCSETS). She can be contacted at | +27 12 751 3237 | +27 67 840 6373.