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Social Economic Research and Survey, Development Programme Monitoring and Evaluation, Economic Impact Assessments, Data Capture and Analysis and Business Consulting
Economic Impact Assessment & Econometric Analysis (EIA)
UCS is a specialist in the economic and socio-economic impact assessments and econometric analysis. Investors, private and public sector institutions want to understand the impact of their investments and/or policy changes to the local, regional, or national economies.

UCS helps to quantify the socio-economic impacts in terms of sales, gross domestic product (GDP), capital utilisation, employment impact (skilled labour, semi-skilled labour, unskilled labour), impact on the targeted groups (youth, women, disabled), impact on all other households (including poor households), fiscal impacts (tax), balance of payment, social impacts and value for money.

Specifically, UCS can estimate;

  • Economic rate of return (ERR)
  • Cost benefit analysis (CBA) outcomes
  • Social rate of return (SRR)
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • The following are some of the clients for the DCAC unit;

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