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Social Economic Research and Survey, Development Programme Monitoring and Evaluation, Economic Impact Assessments, Data Capture and Analysis and Business Consulting
About Underhill Corporate Solutions…
Underhill Investment Holdings CC, trading as Underhill Corporate Solutions (UCS) is a Socio-economic research and business consulting company based in Southern Africa with a vision to be a global company. Our development and consulting solutions are designed not only to save your organisation money, but to make sure that you use as little resource as possible but get bigger impact: efficiency! We understand that resources are scarce, so they have to be used efficiently without compromising on service delivery.
Track Record
To us, development is about the people! Our expertise in the public sector and private sector; economics (including econometric modelling); Socio-economic research and surveys; programme monitoring and evaluation (M&E); Policy development, evaluation and impact studies; small business (SMME) development; and business consulting to develop client-focused strategic solutions.
Our solutions are tailor-made to improve economies, industries, businesses and ultimately people’s lives. Our main motivation is improvement in the standard of living of people in poorer continents, particularly Africa. Our practice areas are diverse, but the focus area is one: helping our clients understand their problem and together craft strategic solutions for their advancement.
The following are some of our main products:

  • Socio-Economic Research and Surveys (SERS)
  • Economic Impact & Econometric Analysis (EIA)
  • Development Programme Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E)
  • Data Capturing and Analysis (DCA)
  • Business and Institutional Development (BID)
  • Regional Development, Trade and Investment Promotion (RDTIP)
  • B-BBEE
    UCS is a small business (SMME) with a B-BBEE status level 3
    Underhill Investment Holdings CC, holds shares in the following companies

  • Datacapture-SA
  • UCS Chemicals (Pty) Ltd
  • Livinamix (Pty) Ltd
    Some of the main tools we use are:

  • Eviews, Stata, SAS, CSPro, and SPSS (socio-economic modeling and analysis)
  • Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) (economy wide socio-economic modeling)
  • Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) (regional and economy wide modeling and impact analysis)
  • Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) (International Trade Modeling)
  • Address

    28 Brecher Street, Clydesdale,
    Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa


    T: +27 12 751 3237
    C: +27 79 928 0717 or +27 83 757 3733
    F: +2786 639 8976 or +2786 540 7052